Your Jellyfish workflow
from start to finish.

We have handpicked some of the most robust and flexible tools on the market and tested them in different workflows in order to make the best recommendations for you and your team. Make the most out of your Jellyfish server, protect your data, organize your assets and level up your team’s collaboration.

Video Editing Software

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Jellyfish are optimized for working with Premiere Pro Shared Projects and Productions (for managing film projects and collaborative workflows). They come pre-configured with a cache pool that can be used as an Adobe scratch disk and support After Effects workflows as well as NFS share collaboration for Photoshop.

  • Davinci Resolve

    The Resolve Database runs directly on the Jellyfish, so there’s no need for a dedicated workstation to run PostgreSQL. Enabling this feature on your Jellyfish is simple and can be done with the click of a button.

  • Final Cut Pro X

    Store all your media and Final Cut Pro X libraries right on the Jellyfish. Because metadata management is built into the Jellyfish filesystem, there’s no need for a separate metadata controller. You can also Install Postlab server edition directly on the Jellyfish for stress-free Final Cut Pro X collaboration.

  • Avid Media Composer

    High-performance workflows for Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools are both possible on Jellyfish hardware. Additionally, make Avid collaboration with your team easy by adding Mimiq, a simple third-party utility for Avid-style bin locking.

  • LumaFusion

    Access and edit media right from your iPhone or iPad with a Jellyfish that’s on your internal WiFi network. Upload LumaFusion projects or XMLs directly to the Jellyfish and transfer them to Final Cut Pro X libraries as needed.

Media Management

  • Kyno

    We found Kyno to be a lightweight and powerful tool that’s great for any editing workstation. It allows your team to tag, select, transcode and manage any media that lives on your Jellyfish, and more.

  • Iconik

    Iconik integrates directly with the Jellyfish and indexes all of its media allowing your team to organize, tag and search assets from anywhere in the world, over the web. Iconik also offers review and approval tools for your clients and producers through link sharing.

  • Primestream

    Reliable and flexible media asset management workflows from capture through distribution. Enable your enterprise team to scale endlessly with the seamless integration between the Jellyfish servers and Primestream.

Data Management

  • Media Ingest

    Use Hedge to transfer media to and from your Jellyfish and backup destinations simultaneously with the added reassurance of checksum verification—sans performance loss. If you find that your media ingests or renders often overlap with your edit sessions, we suggest adding a performance boost to your Jellyfish to optimize read/write throughput during large transfers.

  • Backup & Archive

    Archiware P5 offers robust backup and archive solutions for just about any device or destination possible. Back up locally to an old server or hard drives, or back up to LTO and the cloud for long-term and archive backup. Read more about LumaForge and Archiware P5 to find out which solution makes the most sense for your team’s workflow.

Cloud Collaboration

  • Iconik

    Turn your Jellyfish into a Hybrid Cloud solution using the Iconik Storage Gateway. Automatic transcode and upload of proxies means remote collaboration anytime, anywhere. Request and download original files straight from the Jellyfish on your own schedule.


    Create watch folders right on your Jellyfish and upload them directly to the cloud app for review and approval or to share projects.

Third Party Hardware

  • Sonnet 10G Adapters

    For any workstation that doesn’t have 10GbE ports built-in, the sonnet Sonnet Twin 10G Ethernet to Thunderbolt adapters are solid performers. Not only do they offer optimal 10GbE performance, but they are reliably consistent with OS updates and versions. Depending on your Thunderbolt port, see here for Thunderbolt 2 and Thunderbolt 3 adapter types.

  • GNARBOX 2.0

    The GNARBOX 2.0 SSD now uses SMB file sharing to integrate directly into your Jellyfish workflow over a shared network. Just connect your GNARBOX 2.0 SSD to the same network as your Jellyfish and select your share from the GNARBOX app onyour phone. The GNARBOX workflow is great for when you know you’ll need to do quick offloads out in the field but you just can’t bring your Jellyfish with you.

  • Apple

    With built-in 10GbE ports now on the iMac Pro, MacPro and MacMini, Apple and LumaForge come together like needle and thread. Out of the box, you can now connect your Mac to your Jellyfish over 10GbE–direct–making this pairing the most seamless plug-and-play experience between workstation and shared storage solution ever created.

  • Puget Systems

    To assure that content creators looking to invest in workflow servers have a stress-free experience, we’ve collaborated with custom computer leaders Puget Systems in an effort to create an extensive, system-wide Testing & Certification Program.