The Jellyfish Mobile is the most innovative shared storage solution ever created. By implementing the underlying technology of our larger ShareStation servers in new ways we have brought extreme performance and unparalleled ease-of-use to video teams everywhere. The Jellyfish Mobile enables small to mid-sized groups of editors, VFX artists, colorists, and graphic designers to quickly and efficiently share projects and collaborate like never before.


Goodbye Sneakernet!

How much time did you spend on your last project managing, syncing and relinking media?

Do you have a closet full of external hard drives labeled with neon gaffer tape?

Does every computer at your office have a RAID connected to it that's 95% full, and one disk read error away from total data loss?

The first step is admitting you have a problem– the second step is calling us for help. We built a solution for you, and called it the Jellyfish.


So easy an editor could set it up.

We are editors that have designed a product for editors, that's why we have done everything possible to make the Jellyfish function like direct-attached storage. It will arrive to you preconfigured, then each client computer will download and run our ShareClient app to mount and connect to the Jellyfish. Once you've mounted for the first time, the Jellyfish can auto-mount every time after that. We've even built some cool features into the app we thought were useful, like a button that unlocks FCPX libraries and relinks missing proxies. Additionally the Jellyfish works with Spotlight Index and Search which makes finding your media a breeze.

With the Jellyfish, you no longer need to be a prisoner of the IT department and there is no need to configure or optimize your unit before editing, we've done it for you.


Very well rounded.

Hi-Speed: Waiting sucks! File copies, ingests, transcodes... it all wastes time and money. That's why every Jellyfish model pushes the envelope when it comes to speed. The pint sized Mobile unit is capable of generating over 2300 MB/s of sustained bandwidth, and the Tower and Rack clock in at over 4,400 MB/s. All that speed means happy editors, met deadlines, and more jobs.

Low-Latency: Often overlooked but just as important as speed is latency. When you press the spacebar how responsive is your storage? With a Jellyfish there is virtually no latency. The feeling you get with our system is similar to working from an SSD. We hate spinning beachballs just as much as you do.

Safe & Sound: Going fast and maximizing hard drive space shouldn't mean putting your footage in jeopardy. Jellyfish uses cutting edge parity options and error-correcting technology to keep your data secure without slowing you down.

Three different models, to fit your team's needs.

Jellyfish Mobile

Up to 80TB Capacity

Expandable to 240TB

Direct Connections Available: 10

Available Bandwidth 2300 MB/s

3 Year Warranty

Jellyfish Tower

Up to 200TB Capacity

Expandable to 800TB

Direct Connections Available: 20

Available Bandwidth 4400 MB/s

3 Year Warranty

Jellyfish Rack

Up to 200TB Capacity

Expandable to 1PB

Direct Connections Available: 20

Available Bandwidth 4400 MB/s

3 Year Warranty

Ready to get a Jellyfish? You're in good company: