LumaForge: Faster, Together Stage

We’re rounding up all of our favorite people for three days of back-to-back presentations & panels on all things post! Every spring some of the smartest and most innovative people in post-production gather in Las Vegas for a week.  If you’re lucky you might catch one of them in the South Hall or at a cocktail party and pick up some amazing tip that saves you untold dollars or hours on your next project.

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Bill Davis, Michael Kammes, Oliver Peters and Scott Simmons take on one of the most controversial questions in post production. Which editing software is best?! They discuss the benefits and downsides to Premiere Pro, FCPX, Avid, and DaVinci Resolve.
Steve Martin from Ripple Training walks us through production & post production process for MacBreak Studio, a weekly web series on video post production on the Mac. Steve talks about working with Multicam Clips, iXML, Roles & Subroles, as well as basic audio editing in FCPX 10.3 and later.

Alex Lindsay from Pixelcorps teaches live streaming in a nutshell. What are the things you need to know when going live for YouTube, Facebook, or broadcasts for network television? Alex Lindsay shows you how to live stream on small, medium, and large budget productions.

Denver Riddle presents "LUT Gallery", a new plugin for DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro X that allows user to browse their LUTs visually before applying them to their footage. Find out how that Technicolor 3-Strip LUT looks before applying it!

Pierre Chevalier from Softron demonstrates their M|Replay and Movie Recorder applications for instant replay and Multicam recording for realtime editing at live events. Movie Recorded makes growing files for FCPX, making editing live sports & events easy.

Chris Steele from Marquis Broadcast demonstrates how Worx4 X creates managed media for Final Cut Pro X. With Worx4 X, you can now create trimmed media for turnovers to sound, color and VFX. If you miss media management for FCP7, this app is for you.

Matt Geller talks about using KeyFlow Pro to import, tag, transcode, and organize your media. He demos KeyFlow Pro's integrations with both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X, including the new FCPX event sharing built directly into KeyFlow Pro.

Ever wondered whether you should use the USB or Thunderbolt port on your hard drive? Gary Adcock walks us through the hidden benefits and uses for Production & Post Production.

Sam Bogoch explains how axle Video makes organizing and managing your media radically simple. With axle AI, tagging footage is an automated process. Sam also talks about axle Video's integrations with Premiere Pro and (soon) Final Cut Pro X.

Tony Gallardo shows us how accomplish many of the same motion graphics tasks usually done in After Effects using Blackmagic Design's Fusion 8. After using After Effects for years, Tony decided to see if he could shed his Creative Cloud subscription and use more affordable tools.

Robert Krüger from Lesspain Software walks demonstrates Kyno, an all-in-one media management app. Kyno allows you to keep your footage where you'd like in Finder, and stills enables you to add custom metadata for using in Kyno, FCPX, or Premiere.

Dave Basulto, from iOgrapher, talks about how to make high-quality video on your mobile device. He talks about using the iOgrapher case, mobile video recording apps, lenses, and even Multicam shooting and editing on both iPhone and iPad.

Learn about how post can be done under one roof using Mac, Windows & Linux machines for Editorial, VFX, Color & Sound. Sam Mestman also presents updates to the LumaForge Jellyfish & Sharestation.

After a recent announcement about the potential future of MacPros, Apple fans rejoiced. But now is not the time to coast. Instead, Pro users should continue to press Apple for the functionality we want, so that we can continue to push the boundaries of creativity.

Alexis Van Hurkman demonstrates some jaw-dropping updates within Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14 at the LumaForge Faster, Together Stage during NAB 2017. For more presentations from the Faster, Together Stage at NAB 2017.

Kelsey Brannan, aka Premiere Gal, walks us through creating Templates in Premiere Pro using both the Media Browser and the Essential Graphics Panel. Templates can help save time, keep you on-brand, and can be sold online to other editors!

Tony Gallardo demonstrates how to use Resolve as a hub for VFX during your edit. Resolve Color Management makes it easy to bring all of your footage into the same color space and gamma before send off image sequences to Nuke or Fusion.

Michael Kammes, of Keycode Media, dispels myths of post production for a live audience at NAB. He talks about HDR, audio distortion, drive capacity, grading monitors, YouTube uploads & adding content to a file without a new export.

Sven Pape (This Guy Edits) and Producer Dustin Hughes talk about how their independent film, "Flesh and Blood", was editing in front of 40,000 YouTube subscribers. "Flesh and Blood" recently premiered at SXSW and will be in theaters Fall 2017. The film was the first features shot on Blackmagic Ursa Mini cameras and was edited in FCPX.

Learn about LumaForge's ShareStation line of enterprise shared storage. Also learn how Mellanox is changing the enterprise networking game with 10G, 25G, and even 100G ethernet.

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Monday, April 24

9:30AM - Registration

10:00AM - Sam Mestman: LumaForge NAB Announcements

11:00AM - Mark Spencer: Motion Magic - Useful Fun with Motion for FCPX Editors

11:30AM - Rich Rodman: Protecting your Look from Capture to Delivery

12:00PM - Dave Basulto: Create Better Video with your Mobile Device

12:30PM - Eric Altman: Sharestation & Mellanox

1:00PM - Break For Lunch

2:00PM - Robert Krüger: Introducing Kyno - A guided tour

2:30PM - Pierre Chevalier: Softron Demo

3:00PM - Alex Lindsey: Livestreaming in a Nutshell

3:30PM - Tony Gallardo: Resolve as a Hub for VFX

4:10PM - Patrick Inhofer & Robby Carman: Resolve Collaborative Workflow

Tuesday, April 25

9:30AM - Registration

10:00AM - Denver Riddle: LUTs - No Longer a “Black Box”

10:30AM - Steve Martin: Using FCPX to Create a Weekly Web Series

11:00AM - Emery Wells: - Simplifying the Business of Video Creation

11:30AM - T. Payton: Shot Logging with MovieSlate & FCPX

12:00PM - Philippe Baudet: City Producer - Shoot & Edit on iPhone

12:30PM - Matt Geller: Small Workgroup Asset Management Using KeyFlow Pro

1:00PM - Break For Lunch

2:00PM - Marquis Broadcast: Worx4X Demo 

2:30PM - Jeff Greenberg: VR Starter Kit

3:00PM - Roger Bolton: CoreMelt Exclusive New Product Reveal

3:30PM - Roger Bolton: Shot Cleanup on the Timeline in FCPX

4:00PM - Jeff Fortune: Live Broadcast Post Production Workflows

4:30PM - Tony Gallardo: Fusion for AE Artists

5:00PM - Patrick Southern: Subvert - Editing with Subtitles

Wednesday, April 26

9:30AM - Registration

10:00AM - Michael Cioni: Do We Have Stockholm Syndrome with Apple?

10:30AM - Kelsey Brannan: Editing Faster w/ Premiere Pro Templates

11:00AM - Mae Manning: Premiere Pro: Proxy Workflow

11:30AM - Sven Pape & Dustin Hughes: Flesh and Blood - Cutting a SXSW Indie in front of 40K People on YouTube

12:00PM - Sam Bogoch: axle Video

12:30PM - Alexis Van Hurkman: DaVinci Resolve Demo

1:00PM - Break For Lunch

2:00PM - Gary Adcock: Production and Post Workflow Solutions With Thunderbolt

2:30PM - Michael Kammes: 5 Things Live - Post Myths

3:00PM - State of the NLE Panel w/ Oliver Peters, Michael Kammes, Scott Simmons & Bill Davis

4:00PM - Philip Hodgetts: Lumberjack System: Logging, story building & transcripts for FCPX

4:30PM - Philip Hodgetts: FindrCat Pro: Media Asset Management so simple, you’ll probably use it

5:00PM - Brad Olsen & Richard Taylor: Screening of “Off The Tracks”


Registration & Location


Courtyard by Marriott Las Vegas Convention Center

3275 Paradise Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89109