LumaForge: Faster, Together Stage

Every spring some of the smartest and most innovative people in post-production gather in Las Vegas for a week.  If you’re lucky you might catch one of them in the South Hall or at a cocktail party and pick up some amazing tip that saves you untold dollars or hours on your next project.

We think you should save your luck for the Strip this year, so we’re rounding up all of our favorite people for three days of back-to-back, short and to the point, presentations and panels on all things post.

The event will take place all day Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday April 24-26. Presenters and topics will be released between now and the event. Seating for the event will be limited and, first come first served. Registration prior to arrival is highly recommended to avoid lines at the event, though registration does not guarantee your spot.

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*Times subject to change, please check back just prior to event for updates.


Monday, April 24

9:30AM - Registration

10:00AM - Sam Mestman: LumaForge NAB Announcements

10:30AM - Patrick Southern: LumaForge Workflow Demo

11:00AM - Mark Spencer: Motion Magic - Useful Fun with Motion for FCPX Editors

1:00PM - Break For Lunch

2:30PM - Softron Demo

3:00PM - Tony Gallardo: Resolve as a Hub for VFX

3:30PM- Denver Riddle: LUTs: No Longer a “Black Box”…Real-time previewing of Look Up Tables.

4:10PM - Patrick Inhofer & Robby Carman: Resolve Collaborative Workflow

Tuesday, April 25

9:30AM - Registration

10:30AM - Steve Martin: Using FCPX to Create a Weekly Web Series

11:00AM - Emery Wells - Simplifying the Business of Video Creation

1:00PM - Break For Lunch

2:00PM - Marquis Broadcast - Worx4X Demo 

Wednesday, April 26

9:30AM - Registration

10:00AM - Michael Cioni: TBD

10:30AM - Kelsey Brannan: Editing Faster w/ Premiere Pro Templates

11:00AM - Mae Manning: Premiere Pro: Proxy Workflow

12:00PM - Sam Bogoch: axle Video

1:00PM - Break For Lunch

2:00PM - Gary Adcock: Thunderbolt 3

3:00PM - Oliver Peters & Bill Davis: State of the NLE Panel

4:00PM - Brad Olsen & Richard Taylor: Screening of “Off The Tracks”


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