There are server companies that have gone into the movie business, and then there are movie people who’ve gone into the server business… we are the latter.  If you asked any of us a few years ago whether we thought we’d be running a technology company we’d have laughed you out of the room. Storage and servers are boring, not sexy at all, and have very little to do with actually making movies. Besides, at the time everything seemed to be working well enough; movies were getting made, nobody was complaining too much, and if we just kept buying bigger hard drives every couple of years we’d be right as rain.

Then came cheap 4K, FCPX , Resolve, Creative Cloud and “collaborative workflow” and the cracks began to show. The computers were fast enough, and the software was amazing, but there was something holding us back… can you guess what it was?

We didn’t need bigger hard drives and faster RAID’s, what we needed was for everyone to work together from one place; we needed to collaborate. Well, too bad. Soon the idea of buying a never-ending supply of external hard drives to go with our new cameras bummed us out no matter what version of Thunderbolt it supported. If nobody was going to give us what we wanted, we would have to do it ourselves. Over the last 4 years we reluctantly became experts on anything and everything related to storage, networking, workflow, and digital filmmaking. We’ve tested, broken, and bricked more expensive pieces of silicon and asked more dumb questions to very smart people than we’d care to admit, but our cause was noble. We just want a better way to make movies.

During our R&D phase we realized that even the “big guys” with their half-million dollar SANs and complex fibre channel networks weren’t happy either. Editors on a shared network practically needed an IT degree to cut a movie, as well as anger management classes to cope with beachballs and latency. It turns out this storage problem was much bigger than we thought, and it became crystal clear that the storage technology that made the digital revolution possible a decade ago wasn’t going to cut it in today’s world of modern content creation and consumption. The entire model had to be reimagined; we were back to the drawing board.

Fast-forward to today and you’ve got a technology company run by story tellers who are constantly trying to push the envelope. We hope you like what we've done.

- Sam, Eric & Josh