The Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution is coming to Hollywood.
Around the globe, the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation - new digital cameras, new delivery channels, new consumer viewing habits and new business models. It's Silicon Valley meets Hollywood and the winner takes all in the high stakes of digital content and collaborative workflow.

Impact of Moore's Law

Technology never stands still.
As predicted by Gordon Moore (CEO of Intel during the 80's) the power of microprocessors continues to double every two years or so.
This doubling of power and halving of cost no longer just applies to CPUs - now GPUs, storage and networks all come under the influence of Moore's Law. IT will only continue to get faster, better and cheaper.

Constant Innovation

Against this backdrop of constant business and technology change the only way to survive and thrive is through constant innovation.
Innovate business processes - innovate technology tools - innovate people skills. Leverage Moore's Law driven IT to enable new creative processes, reduce costs and drive revenue.


The LumaZAN 3.0 open collaboration platform leverages commodity Client/Server hardware along with COTS software (Commercial Off The Shelf) to deliver a fast, flexible shared storage environment tailored to the requirements of the M&E industry and large volumes of digital content files.
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LumaZAN 3.0 Test Drive - want to try out the LumaZAN 3.0 open collaboration platform in your own facility for fourteen days?
Give us a call and we'll arrange for a two week loaner system to be installed in your facility.
LumaZAN 3.0 Test Drive offer only applies to facilities located in Los Angeles county area.