Total Control

Designed for the most demanding environments and customers, the ShareStation Enterprise cuts no corners on its way to delivering maximum customization, performance, and scalability, for your rack mounted shared storage.

Perfect for

Broadcasters, Networks, Large Studios & Facilities, Multiple departments  

Top Features

Expandable to 3.5PB

5 Year Warranty

Up to 12,000MB/s total bandwidth

Up to 24 Direct Users

1/10/40GB Connections Available

Scalable to Any Sized Facility

No Switch Required

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Ready to work

Designed for small to mid-sized studios, post-houses and teams, that require maximum performance out of their rack mounted shared storage to streamline workflow across multiple projects and reduce cost and time to delivery.

Perfect for

Studios, Post-houses, VFX, Education, New Media, Creative Agencies, Virtual Reality

Top Features

Expandable to 425TB

3 Year Warranty*

Up to 6000MB/s total bandwidth

Up to 24 Direct Users

(4) x 1Gb & (2) x 10Gb Included

Available with 40Gb Ethernet

No Switch Required

Starting at $29,950 




No rack? No problem!

High performance shared storage in an office environment. The ShareStation Indie lives under your desk, is dead silent, and is up and running same day. Now you can have rack mounted features available anywhere you want to work

Perfect for Small workgroups, Near set, Education, Virtual Reality, VFX, Creative Agencies, Video labs

Top Features

Up to 144TB Capacity

2 Year Warranty

Supports up to (8) 4K or (24) HD users

Up to 24 Direct Users

(4) x 1Gb & (2) x 10Gb Included

Available with 40Gb Ethernet

No Switch Required

Starting at $19,950



You Customize, We Configure

Every ShareStation is built to meet to your exact specifications. Our team of workflow experts can help you integrate a ShareStation into your existing workflow, or help you design a new workflow that is fast, secure, and efficient. Once we've settled on your shared storage requirements, and performed a series of demanding performance and reliability tests, our team will preconfigure your ShareStation so that it's ready to run right out of the box.



Shared storage made easy with the ShareClient App

Simple to connect

The ShareClient App, included with your purchase of any ShareStation allows users to quickly and easily connect to the network and begin working immediately. Perfect for full time users as well as occasional users who need temporary access for a project.

Tuned for Performance

In addition to simply mounting the ShareStation, the ShareClient automatically tunes your computer's network settings to achieve maximum bandwidth so your shared storage is blazing fast.



This looks familiar...


Search for your media using Spotlight

If you're on a Mac the ShareStation can be browsed and searched using Spotlight. No more clicking through layers and layers of custom browsers to get to your footage and libraries. Another way ShareStation is designed to work the way you work.



Optimized for Video Workflow

Collaborate and create with the software of your choice

The ShareStation is designed for one thing and one thing only: video workflow. That means high bandwidth, low latency, and no dropped frames. Modern video workflow places demands on shared storage unlike any other industry. That's why a repurposed storage solution, one designed for anything other than video workflow will leave you disappointed and struggling to stay afloat. Your storage is either working for you or working against you, choose wisely.



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