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We're based in Los Angeles and have been serving the video and digital content market since 2005.

We understand the challenges of managing content pipelines and shared storage and optimize our IT solutions to meet the unique demands of video and VFX file-based workflows. Whether it's HD, 2K 4K or moreK, our customized workstations, servers, storage appliances and networks can handle your workloads with ease and elegance.

All our systems are built using best-in-class components backed by our 'No Quibble' return policy and 'White Glove' service and support.

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Video content is exploding. The demand for data storage is going through the roof. Companies have to control storage costs or they'll go under. Traditional hardware based approaches are too expensive. Software Defined Storage is the only way to survive the data deluge.
Neil Smith, CTO, LumaForge Systems
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The demand for data storage continues to grow at a rapid rate. Storage has now become the biggest cost item in most IT budgets and shows no signs of slowing down.

Assuming that the year-on-year demand for data storage continues to grow at projected rates the question then becomes - how are companies best going to manage that growth and pay for it in the most cost-effective way?

Relying on expensive, proprietary Fiber Channel RAID based solutions is no longer a viable option for any company trying to contain their storage costs at the same time as expanding capacity to meet demand.

There has to be a better way to plan, provide and budget for data storage growth.

Thankfully there is - Software Defined Storage is an approach that is revolutionizing the price/performance curve and business benefits of data storage.
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Blackmagic Design FUSION 7 Workstations - with the recent pricing announcement of FUSION 7 set at FREE and FUSION 7 Studio set at $999, the VFX world will now have a new set of tools available for their Artists.

FUSION 7 leverages multi CPU Cores as well as OpenCL GPUs and network rendering. LumaForge Systems has been working closely with both Blackmagic Design and AMD to optimize our Client/Server solutions for production and post-production.

If you have any interest in trying out Blackmagic Design FUSION 7 or DaVinci Resolve on highly optimized LumaSTATION, call us on 310-876-0502 and we'll arrange a demo for you.
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LumaForge Systems has taken Software Defined Storage (SDS) to the next level with the introduction of its LumaSHARE shared storage appliance. Built to exacting standards and tested in demanding real-life workflow situations, LumaSHARE delivers the reliability, performance and security that you need at a price you can afford.

Backed by our 30 day 'no quibble' return policy and excellent 'white glove' after sales service, LumaForge's Software Defined Storage appliances are designed to stem the outpouring of money at the same time as letting your storage capacity grow in step with business data requirements.

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