Customer Profile - Hangman Studios

AC/DC, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Beyoncé, Björk… You name them, James Tonkin has worked with them. His Soho studio is powered by a Jellyfish Rack, and he's become an evangelist for LumaForge even opening his doors to prospective customers in London to show off his workflow.


We're a very social bunch with lots of loyal fans.


We Have Close Friends in High Places


Apple Short Film Challenge

Featured on in January we helped Apple sneak into Hollywood to enable 3 teams of student filmmakers to make their dream short films. The entire activation was developed and overseen by LumaForge.
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Blackmagic Designs

"Faster, Together" - (Building our Brand and our Community)

In 2017 we launched the Faster, Together event series. Think TED Talks for video production held at the industry's biggest trade show. In our first year we had over 35 presenters and we've received nearly 100,000 views on YouTube (for videos 15-45 minutes long!!!)

This year we're bringing Faster, Together to the trade show floor and will feature the biggest influencers in video.

We've also got a sense of humor.


There were 10 videos on this one page.

 Video is happening in a big way.

You can get in on this, and we could use the help.