NAB 2018


Hello there,

Sam here.  If you’ve been to NAB the last couple years, you might be aware of the LumaForge Workflow Suite and the Faster, Together stage.  We had been setting up both of these events as a way to give people a place to catch up, learn, and honestly get a bit of an Oasis away from the insanity that is the show floor.  The reality is, though, that they were a little hard to get to, and we took that feedback and are pleased to announce that it’s gotten even easier to find us as we’re bringing it all to the NAB show floor in the Lower South hall this year.  

The Workflow Suite (meeting room S113LMR - South Hall Lower) will be better than ever with pretty much everything you’d ever want to play with in a shared collaborative environment running off LumaForge hardware.  If you’re wondering where you can see the world’s best shared storage for Final Cut Pro X, Premiere, and Davinci Resolve, The Workflow Suite is the only place you need to go to while you’re at NAB.  Also, for those of you looking for a safe haven from the bright lights and insanity of the show floor, there will be plenty of chairs and conversations to be had with a who’s who of the post production world coming in and out of the suite throughout NAB.  Ronny Courtens, Chris Fenwick, Richard Taylor, myself, The Mixing Light Team, Ripple Training, and all the Faster, Together Presenters will be through at some point during NAB, and we’re really trying to create a more community centric feel for people to catch up and have meaningful interactions.  Intelligent Assistance and Coremelt will also be there throughout the show showing off their latest and greatest.  Sign up for a dedicated appointment with the LumaForge team here for a full product demo, or just come on by and pop in if you’re just looking for a good conversation with someone from the community.

Right next door will be the Faster, Together Stage (S112LMR - South Hall Lower), which is going to be bigger and better than last year on every level.  Designed to essentially be TED Talks for Post Production, we’re getting ready to announce a who’s who of the post production world for approximately 30 presentations over three days that will be free and open to the public.  All you need is an NAB show pass, and you can see as many as you’d like, but go to to register and we’ll notify when we publish the full lineup… which is going to be awesome.

Also, if you’re looking to see the definitive FCPX event at NAB, make sure you stop by FCPExchange on Monday, which will be immediately followed by the Guru Gathering, both of which will be filled with a who’s who of the FCPX community as well as representatives from Apple, LumaForge, Ripple Training, FCPWORKS, and all the other companies in the FCPX Ecosystem..

We’ll also be at The Supermeet Tuesday Night (stay tuned for a pretty cool FCPX announcement there) and at the Colorist Mixer too.  

Lastly, If you come by the Workflow Suite, we’ll even tell you about where the Faster, Together Party will be on Wednesday night.

Bottom line, can’t wait to see you all again in Vegas.  It’s going to be a party.

See you in Vegas!

- Sam