Spain's Biggest TV Show Ever Cut on a Jellyfish


With a production crew of 400 people, a cast of 200 actors and over 2000 extras, hundreds of hours of raw footage shot by several crews on 130 locations, 9 months of editing and 10 months of VFX work, Alberto Rodríguez’ and Rafael Cobos' 12.3 million dollar television series “La Peste” (The Plague) is the flagship original drama production of Movistar+, the largest VoD provider in Spain and part of media giant Téléfonica.

la-peste-14-fcpx (1).jpg

In this case-study, we will discuss the many challenges that were faced in the making of this ambitious production, which is one of the most expensive and most anticipated Spanish language television series ever. And, of course, you will get a detailed report on how the editorial team worked with Final Cut Pro X and the LumaForge Jellyfish to cut the first season. Read the full case study on


Watch an interview with the filmmakers!