Norway's VGTV Runs on Jellyfish

 Pål Rune Hansen and Christian Pettersen from VGTV

Pål Rune Hansen and Christian Pettersen from VGTV

The media and entertainment world is going through some interesting changes. Newspapers and printed magazines are losing double-digit percentages of revenue each year, linear television networks fight for shrinking audiences and advertising money, Hollywood is merely a fraction of what it used to be, and large post houses and historic film studios have shut down or struggle to survive.

At the same time, the independent film industry is booming, niche production houses and post boutiques are flourishing, and quality online information and movie channels are more popular than ever. VGTV Norway is a perfect example of this trend. This video operation spin-off of the leading Norwegian newspaper VG has several online and linear television channels, including a 24/7 news channel, that provide very popular high-quality content to a vast and loyal audience.

Their team of roughly 70 staff members produces breaking news videos, entertainment programs, documentaries, the ongoing sports news for Eurosport (the pan-European broadcast sports channel), and VG’s Snapchat Discover channel launched in 2017.

They had heard about the FCPX integration that we did with LumaForge at Swiss National TV, so they contacted us to discuss their requirements. We've always been fans of spreading workloads over different servers instead of clinging to the old paradigm of having one big system managing an operation. Because this makes the server a single point of failure for the entire setup. So we immediately understood each other, and a few months later we delivered the first Jellyfish Mobile to VGTV.

They tested it extensively over a long period, and the rest is history. Today, the entire VGTV broadcast operation operates with no less than 8 LumaForge servers. A combination of JellyFish Mobiles, Towers and Racks, handling everything from ingest over editing to playout, and delivering 530TB of shared storage for a total of 86 connected users integrated with the custom VGTV MAM.

Read the rest of the cast study on and check out this video we did with the VGTV team.