FCPX State of The Union & Inverleigh Case Study

At NAB last month our CEO Sam Mestman was the emcee for all the presentations on the FCPWORKS stage. To kick off the show, Sam gives the Final Cut Pro X State of the Union. Then the second video features LumaForge customer Inverleigh with a breakdown of their FCPX workflow powered by a ShareStation.

The rest of the presentations are available at fcp.co

Learn more about all of the great Final Cut Pro X user experience stories published over the last year from FCP.co. FCPWORKS’ Sam Mestman also looks forward with a preview of FCP Exchange at NAB.
Sam Mestman presents a look inside the adoption of Final Cut Pro X by the Inverleigh in Melbourne. Put to the highest broadcast and professional standards over a rigorous series of tests, Final Cut Pro X passed with flying colors. Learn the process from A to Z. As part of the discussion, Philip Hodgetts shows off Magic Keywords in Lumberjack System! http://lumberjacksystem.com