Jellyfish Goes to Wrestlemania

A few weeks ago we were put in touch with DIT Rich Roddman who was interested in putting the Jellyfish to the test in a very demanding DIT gig for a little event called WrestleMania. This is what he wanted to do:

"We plan to have 5 Sony F-55s shooting 4K XAVC codecs to their SxS cards along with 2 Canon C300 Mark IIs on DJI Ronins shooting 4K XF MXF to CFast Cards. The crew is tasked with getting footage from the people outside the gates as the open until the last person leaves 6 hours later.  There will be shots at 23.976 fps along with a mixture of different frame rates depending upon the camera's setting at that time."

"As you can see there is a lot of media being created. The key to success is safely offload the cards with the media backed up and checked then returning the camera cards back to the camera crews so they do not run out."

"The offloading plan is as follows.  Connecting 2 MacBook Pro computers with Thunderbolt to TB/10GB Ethernet converters and have them connect to the Jellyfish. These 2 laptops will be for offloading only of the camera media. They will be connected to SxS readers via ThunderBolt and to CFast readers via USB 3.0.  There will be a New Mac Pro (Trash Can) also connected to the Jellyfish via a ThunderBolt to 10GB Ethernet converter that can access the media once it has been successfully copied to the JellyFish Raid to bring the media into DaVInci Resolve 12 to create dailies for the client.  Once the dailies have been created the New Mac Pro will use ShotPut Pro to copy the Camera media and dailies to G-Tech drives provided by the client connected to the New Mac Pro via ThunderBolt or USB 3 depending on what is provided."

So how'd it go?

Full debrief to follow. Rich immediately asked us if he could bring the Jellyfish to a Phantom gig followed by a RED gig. Who are we to say no?