Introducing the Jellyflop

Today shared storage takes a giant leap forward, 8 inches forward to be exact. The Jellyflop, the first ever portable shared storage platform with integrated floppy disk drive represents the bleeding edge of collaborative workflow.

Capable of reading and writing Type 1, 2, and 2D format drives, LumaForge has partnered with some of the leading disk manufacturers such as IBM, Memorex, HP, and Shugart to overcome the compatibility issues that have plagued mass adoption of the 8" form factor throughout the M&E industry.

According to the company's CEO Sam Mestman, "Our customers were tired of the rapid file transfers over Ethernet and Thunderbolt... you used to be able to click copy, meet friends for lunch, get an oil change, and have a nap before the file transfer was done. The Jellyflop represents a return to a simpler time. If you think locating a file on a dozen external hard drives was fun, wait till your team has several thousand identical black floppies to sort through. Now that's collaboration!"

When asked how the Jellyflop would handle higher resolutions such as 4K and 6K LumaForge CTO Eric Altman insisted the machine was more than capable, "We opted for a high performance drive bay spinning at 360 RPM enabling a write speed 125 Kb/s. which makes quick work of R3D and ARRI RAW footage. We can write a single second of 4K in just over 21 hours to about 1000 floppy disks."

The Jellyflop was expected to be shipping by NAB but LumaForge COO Josh Minney has said that the company has had a tough time sourcing 8" floppy manufacturers that had the ability to produce the amount of drives needed to meet expected demand. "There are only 2 clean rooms on the planet that can produce floppies. A single speck of dust just a nanometer across can ruin an entire sector and when you've only got 400 sectors on a disk that's a serious problem."

Finally when asked what the future held for the Jellyflop, LumaForge Visionary Officer Neil Smith said that they hoped to support 3.5" floppies by IBC in time with Sony's re-release of the Mavica digital camera, "The DIT game is about to change forever." said Smith.

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