Cheaper to Fail: iPhone Filmmaking

Last month LumaForge CEO Sam Mestman and his film collective "We Make Movies" set out to test the limits of iPhone filmmaking. 5 teams had 36 hours to write, shoot, edit, and screen a 3 minute movie using only an iPhone as their camera. Once shooting was over all of the footage was loaded onto a single ShareStation Indie at the Santa Monica Apple Store and teams used FCPX and MacBook's connected over 1GbE to cut their films.

Why does any of this matter? Well as Sam puts it  "The hardest thing about making a movie to this point has always been finding the cash to go out and do it… and the price of failure for the indie filmmaker has been staggering to this point… and I think that is the thing that is about to start changing.  When failure becomes less expensive, it becomes easier to get better at something.  People can go out and fail cheaply on a 3 minute short… then make a good 3 minute short.  Then make a good 10 minute short, and then make a good 22 minute pilot, and then a good 90 minute feature... It’s now cheaper to fail, and I think that fact alone is going to lead to a whole new generation of inspired, incredibly talented filmmakers who don’t need anyone’s approval whatsoever to go out and make the movies they want to see. I find that really exciting."

Read more about the 36 Hour Mobile Filmmaking Challenge at

Below is one of the films shot during the challenge.