Because we’ve done all of the hard work for you and simplified the complicated world of video networking so you can focus on your project instead of why your storage isn’t doing what you need it to do. You can literally pull a Jellyfish mobile out of the box and have your workgroup setup and configured within 20 minutes. You don’t need a switch, you don’t need to know complicated networking terminology, you don’t need to build volumes, figure out parity, or any of the other typically overwhelming things editors face when they work with shared storage. The reason for this is because every Lumaforge storage product is preconfigured before you get it and optimized around the apps and media you want to use with it. We’ve made the hard choices for you so you can get to work without thinking about things that have nothing to do with your project. Every one of our workflow servers is designed to be fast, responsive, and easy to use, troubleshoot, and maintain.

Well, if you’re reading this, you probably already know the answer to this which is that you’re tired of always having to reconnect your media, having the same exact stuff on a bunch of drives, or staring sadly at your drive pyramid as an editor asks you what drives the clips they need are on.

- The Jellyfish has been designed to give you the highest value (price vs. performance) of any shared storage solution on the market, and we have designed all of the Jellyfish models (Mobile, Tower, and Rack) around very specific types of customers who need to connect up various types of workgroups in as simple and straightforward a way as possible. If you’re a customer who doesn’t have a dedicated IT department with complicated IT needs or large amounts of assets (over 1 petabyte), or you need something quiet enough to be in the room with you, a Jellyfish is the perfect solution for your team.

- The ShareStation is Enterprise class storage that spares no expense to deliver a tailored experience around your workflow. For large workgroups (25 or more editors) or large deployments (scaling to over a Petabyte of assets) the ShareStation was built for you. Also, if you have larger support needs for things like Open and Active directory, 24/7 support access, service level agreements for minimal amounts of downtime, custom archive solutions, or extremely high performance needs for your workgroup (100G ethernet), you are likely a ShareStation customer. When you get a ShareStation, you are getting a custom solution entirely developed around your organization's needs that is designed to perform the way that you need it to.

- The Jellyfish Mobile is the perfect solution for small teams, or people who need to work on-set or in a portable office environment. Everything you need for multiple high speed editors (4k and higher) is built right into a small box that can live on your desk and has a handle for easy transport. If you need a rock solid, high performing, affordable solution to connect up your small team of editors, we built the Jellyfish Mobile for you. Sizes can be up to 80TB Raw, and up to 240 TB with expansion chassis.

- The Jellyfish Tower is ideal for teams who need the quiet office environment the Jellyfish Mobile provides but have larger capacity and performance needs. It’s the size of a large desktop PC chassis that can fit underneath a desk, can connect up to 26 Mac/Windows/Linux machines to it, and is as quiet as the Jellyfish Mobile. A single chassis can be up to 200TB, and you can expand with additional expansion chassis out to as much as 800 TB of RAW storage.

- The Jellyfish Rack is identical to the Tower except that it is in a rack mountable form factor and can have an optional redundant power supply built in and can have slightly more expandability (up to 1 Petabyte).


Ridiculously fast. When connected over 10G Ethernet to a client machine, every Jellyfish/ShareStation is capable of playing back 16 streams of 4k Prores off a Mac Pro, and you can do this across multiple machines. With the right 10G card/adaptor, you can get over 1000 MB/s on a Blackmagic speed test to one of your Mac/PC/Linux machines… and you can even do 4K DPX/EXR playback over 40G if you need to with some of our products.

Nope. Our workflow servers leverage multiple types of caching to turn your workflow server into a giant fusion drive that delivers SSD level responsiveness to all of your attached computers. You can work at the highest level of responsiveness your target application allows for.

A lot of this depends on what type of computer/application/adaptor/codec you are choosing to use, but a Jellyfish Mobile can send out as much as 2300 MB/s of data to your machines in real world testing, and you can do more if you add expansion chassis. This number goes up to over 4000 MB/s with the Jellyfish Tower/Rack from a single chassis (more with expansion), and we have pulled over 7000 MB/s with a single ShareStation chassis across multiple machines. How you choose to allocate this bandwidth across your users and applications will be dictated by the machines and connections you use. If you have specific questions on what you want to accomplish, we have dedicated lab and workflow experts to assist you to qualify the real world specifics of what you want to accomplish, and we love to set up real world demos.

With all Jellyfish Mobile 4k and higher systems, you can ingest from at least one source over 10G and still be able to edit effectively.

Installation & Connectivity

The Jellyfish is the easiest to use shared storage system on the market and you can have your entire workgroup up and running within minutes off of a Jellyfish Mobile with no backend configuration necessary whatsoever. The ShareStation is just as easy to use from the client side but will require more integration within a typical server room environment.

You can connect by using a regular ethernet cable, over Fibre, 40G, or even 25/100G on the ShareStation. Mix and match at will. Our team will work with you to make sure that you get the best possible system and connection types for whatever your workflow is. From there, simply connect your system to your numbered user port, enter that number into the ShareClient app, click initialize, and mount your volume. It’s really that simple.

After you’ve installed the appropriate driver from the adaptor’s manufacturer (we’re compatible with all known Base-T and SFP+ manufacturers) Our Shareclient app automatically does it for you to insure that your system is optimized for our products.

You can work with all of them, and work easily in an OS agnostic world. The operating system you are on doesn’t matter with Lumaforge storage.

We’ve done it for you. You don’t need to worry about it, and if you need to do something advanced, like integrate a switch, there’s a really deep, customizable backend that we will work with you to do what you need to do in a straightforward way.

You can connect through any of them if you need to, and we pre-build optimized SMB and NFS shares (the most commonly used) to show up immediately in our app for you to mount. We set up your shares and optimize them in advance so you can get to work and worry about your story, and our workflow team is happy to walk you through best practices for specific applications. Our Shareclient App is designed to immediately connect you to optimized shares that we have already built for you so you can get up and running without worrying about this… however, if you need to change something that we’ve done or do something custom, there is a very deep back end available to you through our browser based admin panel that will allow you to do whatever you need to do, and we can assist you with whatever you need.

No. There are no outside appliances required to run your storage with a Jellyfish/ShareStation. Our units are designed to be self contained.

Not at all (but you can connect one if you’d like to, and we’re happy to make some recommendations). A Jellyfish Mobile can have up to 14 direct connections, and a Tower/Rack/ShareStation can connect up to 26 direct connections. You can take some of these connections and LAGG them to a switch to add even more connectivity.

Yes. Helping you to configure/set this up is a service we are happy to offer.

Drive setup, Parity & Replacement

How do I partition my drives?

We do it for you before it ever comes to your door so that everything is optimized for content creation.

If you connect your server to the internet over DHCP (we have a support video explaining how to do this), you can configure an email alert to let you know in the event this happens. You can also check easily through our admin panel to check drive health from any computer connect to your Jellyfish/ShareStation.

Replacing a drive is an easy process with the Jellyfish and we’ll glad walk you through this. In the event that it happens, every Jellyfish Tower/Rack ships with (2) spare drives, and you can swap out the bad drive to resilver while the server is still on so your team can keep working. On a Jellyfish Mobile, it is a similar process, and you can order spare drives with your unit at the time of purchase. All of our drives are covered under your warranty, so if you have a drive failure during that time, we will ship you a new one and handle RMA costs for doing so.

Extremely safe, and this is because your data is tied to your disks, not a metadata controller or hardware RAID. In fact, in the unlikely event of a hardware failure, you could literally take your disks out of the system and place them into another one of our servers, and you’d be able to get right back to work with all of your data. Also, you have extensive parity options to choose from to protect your data that you can decide in advance, or change once you have your system. Lastly, our boot drives for Jellyfish Tower/Rack ship in a mirrored configuration, so if one fails, your server will keep running (similar to having redundant metadata controllers), and every Jellyfish Mobile ships with a backup boot drive.


Yes. You can add up to (2) additional expansion chassis with a Jellyfish Mobile. You can up to (3) more chassis with a Tower, and up to (4) with a Jellyfish Rack. With a ShareStation, your limitations have largely been removed and the sky’s the limit.

You don’t have to. We preconfigure in advance, and it’s extremely easy to resolve permission issues with our system in the event that you run into any.

Warranty & Support

Yes. In fact, we offer great support (we’re actually very proud of the certificate we just got placing us in the top 97% of all companies using our support platform), and we keep getting better. Plans and pricing are different whether you have a Jellyfish or ShareStation, but our approach always remains the same, which is that our customer's problems are our problems, and our support does not stop with our servers. We like to help our customers with workflow issues too. If you have a problem in an app or with something you’re trying to do… we have a lab here specifically designed to mimic the workflows of our customers so we can find the best solution for you… even if it has nothing to do with our server. This is a company built by storytellers, and we know that storytelling gets way better when your technology gets out of the way. We also have a comprehensive support platform that has videos explaining the most common networking issues and workflow entries talking about how to make the most of your app of choice.

We offer a 3 year Warranty on Jellyfish products, and a 5 year warranty on ShareStation products. In terms of what that covers, it means that all hardware inside the unit is covered under warranty, so if any component in the your system fails, we will handle the replacement and RMA for it. The only things not covered are water and electrical damage cause from a power surge (we STRONGLY recommend connecting your system to a surge protector as well as a quality UPS which will largely guarantee this never happens), and gross negligence by the end user (systems that have obviously been dropped, etc.). Basically, keep your unit away from water or a sink.